Z39.50 Globally

Z39.50 is recognized worldwide as the international standard for networked information search and retrieval. The convergence of Z39.50 and ISO 23950 has resulted in a global standard with extensive support for multiple
languages and character sets

  • The Z39.50 Maintenance Agency makes available a wide range of information about worldwide project implementation activities
  • In North America and internationally, many library software vendors, bibliographic utilities, commercial sector, and government organizations have adopted Z39.50 functionality in their products.
  • The broad range of accessible information includes:
  1. · Bibliographic data
  2. · Government information
  3. · Scientific and technical data
  4. · Geospatial data
  5. · Thesauri and other taxonomies
  6. · Digital library collections
  7. · Arts and humanities data
  8. · Museum information

  • libraries have been central to the spread of Z39.50 technologies to provide access to databases and catalogs
  • Users may also access information via Z39.50 “Z-client” applications such as Bookwhere and Endnote.

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Retrieve from http://www.niso.org/publications/press/Z3950_primer.pdf